Fuelling mobile application — MVP product, made to attract investments
Vimpioil: mobile app
Set up the location
Select the fuel type
Have fuel delivered
via GPS or manually
and volume needed
wherever you are
The task was to build a minimum viable product (MVP) — mobile application, allowing customers to order car refuelling wherever they are
Research, Architecture, UX, Visual design & Presentation design
Role: UI/UX Designer | El Machine LTD
Solo project
July 2018
Simple and easy user flow
The idea was simple — to give the possibility to order fuel for your own car wherever you are. Fuel of the chosen type and volume will be delivered and a specialist will refill the car tank. Since the product is meant to be an MVP, we focused on 4 main features:
You can either confirm a GPS location, or manually insert an address
GPS location detection
Ordering fuel of a specific type and volume
Order flow
You can pay with cash or online
Online payment
To make it more obvious, we decided to show the previous route of the car to be fuelled so that the user can see how far away their fuel is.
Observing the order status
The project raised significant investments
We launched an iOS app version and got full branding along with a brand development contract.

See how we made a full version
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