Design library enhancement
After joining the project my primary goal was to harmonize existing designs, establish coherence, and develop a structured design library.
1 Front-end developer
4 Back-end developers
Role: Product Designer
Team: 5
January 2022 - 2023
Building design library
Revising and restructuring legacy components
The development team was facing a bit of a challenge due to the lack of clearly defined design patterns, which resulted in inconsistency of component behavior throughout the product.

To tackle this, my first step was to analyze the existing designs, compare them to how they were implemented, and start creating a brand new, all-encompassing design library complete with detailed descriptions.
Legacy component library was small and not well organized
I took an atomic design approach and structured it around design tokens.

To create a cohesive look and feel, I revised and expanded the text styles.

Lastly, I organized the color styles based on usage (such as Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, System, etc.), ensuring that they matched their implementation and were easy to work with moving forward.
New design library was made with future expansion in mind
To speed up the design delivery process, I opted to create variants of each component that included style variations. In the long run, this decision saved me approximately 57% of my time during the ideation and concept creation phases of the project.
Components were merged into easily customizable variants
Understanding how challenging it can be to grasp the exact behavior and usage of each component, I took the initiative to create simple yet effective descriptions for every component that required one.

Following my discussions with the Dev Team, this approach evolved into the creation of a comprehensive documentation.
Complex components were fully described to ensure smooth hand-off
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