Customizable AI for GTM Teams
Add-on feature for an existing sales platform. Utilizes an AI tool to analyze users' calls and extract valuable data which is then matched and pushed to users CRM system
We aimed to make sales reps life easier by helping them quickly grab useful info from sales calls and turn it into meaningful data that they can easily add to their CRM system
January 2023
Team: 5
1 Front-end developers
4 Back-end developers
Role: Product Designer
Phase 1
Research and evaluation
After spending a week researching Chat-GPT capabilities and competitors, we uncovered our unique value proposition. Our tool will enable sales reps to collect and document their information at lightning speed with a list of impressive features. We discovered that past call processing is the most valuable feature, and we're excited to include it in our tool.
Phase 2
Scenarios and user flows
To ensure seamless integration of AI features into our existing platform, I carefully considered the technical limitations and existing infrastructure. Accordingly, I meticulously crafted user flows that comprehensively covered all potential cases of interaction, including error scenarios.
Phase 3
01. AI Recap page
Users can track the progress and status of their calls here. Every call they attend is automatically processed, and the output is a meeting summary that includes AI suggestions on which CRM fields should be updated based on the mined call data.
Get a grasp on your sales meetings with ease
02. AI Suggestions details page
At first, users receive a call summary and pre-defined data capture for the most frequently used Salesforce fields. Additionally, they receive the call transcript and the ability to quickly pull in any other Salesforce fields to update data directly from this page.
Instant access to call summary and Salesforce updates all in one place
03. CRM fields mapping
Users can streamline their workflow by adding field mapping, enabling AI data capture to automatically recognize which Salesforce field should be updated after each call if new data is available.
Automate Salesforce updates with field mapping and AI data capture
04. Past meetings recap
Furthermore, users have the ability to retrieve a complete summary of previous decisions and the overall progress of sales conversations by accessing the meeting history feature of the CRM object.
Unlocking meeting history for seamless sales conversations
05. Collecting feedback
In order to maintain the quality of AI suggestions and facilitate their continuous improvement, I have implemented a feedback collection mechanism. Users now have the ability to provide feedback on individual suggestion items, specifying what aspects were helpful or deficient.
Empowering users to improve quality
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