CMS System
for Scholarship Providers
System that helps to streamline scholarship programs. From launching, to managing, reviewing and awarding.
We noticed that scholarship providers find it challenging to launch and monitor scholarship campaigns. They were using way too many tools and were overwhelmed with winner selecting process.

Research, Information Architecture, Visual design, User testing
Role: Product Designer | ScholarshipOwl
Team of 2 designers + 2 developers + 1 QA
March 2019 - August 2019
A short and visually appealing version can be found on Behance. Here we will go into the details.
ScholarshipApp — is a platform with set of tools helping scholarship providers to launch and manage scholarships with great efficiency.
Research Phase and Final Solution
We performed 56 interviews with major scholarship providers (including not only educational institutions, but also local companies and non-profit organizations) and found their main pain points. One of the biggest issue was a necessity to use variety of tools to run scholarship campaigns. We have carefully prioritized key features and built all-in-one platform.
Registration Flow
Registration is simple and requires only 3 things: Company Name, Email and Password with confirmation. During discovery we found out that majority of our competitors ask for too many information prior showing the product itself. We decided to avoid it and create a simple enter point for our users.
Dashboard Overview
The landing screen shows provider all scholarships that have been launched or created. It helps to have a full progress overview no matter how many scholarships user has.
To make the monitoring process more clear we designed several types of cards, indicating the progress of particular scholarship.
Not Launched Scholarship
Launched Scholarship
Scholarship Reached Winner Selection Stage
Completed and Expired Scholarship
Scholarship Details
Scholarship details page allows to analize the progress, edit details of launched scholarship instance, integrate it with other services for better promotional visibility and to manage members of the organization who can review applications.
Analytics Feature
To help scholarship providers gather insightful data we developed analytics feature. It shows variety of sources from where traffic is coming from as well as estimations of cost per application.
Reviewing Process
Each application fall into one of 4 categories: New, Under Review, Accepted and Rejected. Each user can easily track application status by going to the Applications section.
Each application has detailed view. It includes all attached documents and information about applicant. If scholarship was setup with required ranking, each application will need to be scored by reviewers. Score scale is set by scholarship provider, so it is flexible enough to meet every user needs.
Selecting Winners
As soon as scholarship deadline is reached provider will be notified that it's time to select a winner. Winners can be chosen manually or randomly by the system.
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