Russian Diamond House offers premium jewellery with individualized designs

Diamond House
The main challenge was to build a unique feature from the ground-up — a personalised jewellery construction design platform. Easy to use and effective.
Research, Information Architecture, Feature prototyping, UX, Visual design & testing
Role: Lead Product Designer | iBrush LTD
Team of 2 developers
April 2018 - June 2018
Along the way we needed to introduce the brand, underlining its' premium status. We needed to show available jewellery collections and to let customers know that if they don't find anything suitable, they can always ask for a unique design from Russian Diamond House jewellers.
A short and visually appealing version can be found on Behance.
Here we will go into the details.
Jewellery design prototyping
We started by prototyping ideas. The main focus was on the user being able to construct their own jewellery design. This feature was important and very rare in the market, so we needed to make sure the solution would be useful and simple to understand.

From the results, we tested, three ideas and picked the one that showed the highest positive feedback from the testing group.
Forming the brand
The main strategy while designing the Home page was to tell the story of the brand and to show details and features revealing the premium level of quality. To achieve this, we decided to show the whole process of crafting premium jewellery.
Creating a catalogue that users love to use
We've focused on a filtering feature and created a flexible sorting mechanism, allowing users to search not only by jewellery size or price, but also by material type, gemstone type and the amount of gemstones included.
Adding the possibility to modify jewellery
Imagine you have found the jewellery design of your dreams but you want to add some tiny alterations to it. Such a pity you can't do that with an item that has already been crafted. Well, in the case of Russian Diamond House you can! That was the insight behind the innovation. We've added the possibility to contact the jeweller and ask them to craft a similar item, but with unique changes. This is how we have combined a better user experience and promoted the jewellery customisation feature at the same time.
Designer jewellery construction
An ability to create your own jewellery design was the most important feature to accommodate within the whole project. Based on information from the client we realised that the designer has two essential considerations amounting to 10 parameters in all. Based on that, we have created a simple to use, but very powerful jewellery construction and design tool.
Material quality
Stone cut type
Stone color
Stone weight
Stone purity
Mobile version
The website is mobile ready, fully functional and optimised for use on small screens.
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