Choose a better city
Concept app to solve a problem of relocation
How do you decide on which city to move? That's tough, right? This concept app meant to help with such a big decision by equipping you with all necessary data.
Research, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Visual design
Role: UX/UI Designer
Solo project / Concept
January 2020
User Flow
No registration needed, we use filters to build a unique experience
To create seamless experience we decided to exclude registration process at all. Instead we offer users to answer few questions which serves as starter preferences (filters).
Prototyping and testing user flows
To make sure we carefully thought about each scenario we build a fully interactive prototype, allowing to go through each flow.
Unique look and feel for each country
During visual exploration we found out that user's can't easily distinguish which country they are exploring now and how to switch to another one. That's how we had an idea of including this intro screen at the very beginning of user journey.
Later tests showed that amount of errors decreased.
Preferences setup screen
Although form wasn't long, we decided to split it into 2 steps to make it easier for user to focus on answers. All fields and questions are skippable.
Other screens
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