AR Instructions for remote technical issues resolution
Mobile app solution with self-help and AR guided instructions
About project
Ownership: CareAR, Xerox owned company
CareAR Instruct © solution started as a business need to unload technical support agents and filter simple requests from those, which require subject matter experts (SME) attention. My role was to help product owners leverage their vision while keeping product human centric, easy to use and understand from the start.

To accomplish that I went through classic design cycle - from research to concepts validation and final solution delivery.
Role: Product Designer
Team: 11 (BA, PO, 3D designer, Developers)
Client: EPAM Systems
Kick-of research
Purpose of research was to understand what are we building, for whom, why and what are the desired outcomes. Conducted several interviews with product owners and potential users. Researched competitors.
There were many features competing for urgency. So I needed to limit them to adequate amount to get started. I conducted 3 workshops with mains stakeholders to get their perspective and help them get aligned.

As a result we agreed on 25 base features and split them into 2 delivery phases. To make sure that there will be enough time to build infrastructure for everything.
3 workshops to define feature scope
... and create a backlog
Information architecture
Design and prototyping
Final MVP and few design details
To start from scratch user needs to scan QR code, confirm that detection was correct and start exploring experience.
Download starts automatically and can be aborted if it takes too long. For long waiting cases I created additional set of screens with app overview, to keep users entertained while download is happening.
Timely displayed feature teacher
and custom iconography
To help users start fast without a need to read tons of documentations I've incorporated small feature teachers.
Each feature teacher is linked to an action and visible only to new users.
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