Sales platform: eliminating frictions
Product design case study: 13 features designed and delivered
About project was a promising startup aiming to build a platform that could solve one of the biggest sales pains - keeping track of sales processes and records in one place. It was later acquired by another company in the early stage of its development.

My role as a product designer was to contribute to the evolution of the platform by designing new features, evaluating and improving existing user experience, conducting user interviews, and ensuring that the product roadmap stayed on track.
Role: Product Designer
Team: 6
Improving pipeline with sales health score
Pipeline is the heart of the sales process. It is an organized, visual way of tracking potential buyers as they progress through different stages in the purchasing process. Pipeline in the Gondola platform lacked some essential UI touches and unique, valuable additions that could set it apart from other products in the market.
I started with revising existing pipeline and brainstorming with development team. Together we came up with an idea of introducing a Health Score of each sales opportunity.
To improve UI I made all options from former dropdown visible, added search, visual differentiation for stages and fixed account name column.
Additionally I added a Health Score element to each account name and started designing related to it user flows.
Challenge was to make sure the score will appear on the Pipeline.
Score was tied to the CRM integration and set of, so called, "essential fields"- fields in the CRM record which are crucial for the deal.
I decided to incorporate essential fields selection into a registration process, since that was an important step for a "wow" factor after first landing on a platform. To help with a burden of prolonged registration essential fields were autogenerated and filled as a suggestion, based on a integrated CRM data. Our dev team did some magic to make it happen.
Step 1: Account details
Step 2: CRM integration
Step 3: Selecting deal essential fields (autofilled, but editable)
After implementing Health Score feature I measured number of drops and engagements during the registration
  • 8 out of 10
    Proceed with registration and adopted Health Score
  • 84%
    Confirmed that Health Score helped to build informed sales strategy
Introducing Meetings as a primary landing page
One crucial piece that our users were missing was an overview of their day. For salespeople, this includes understanding the following: What calls do I have scheduled today? Am I prepared for them? What is the current status of each account I am about to meet with?
I proposed creating a dedicated space for it, making it the primary landing spot each time a user logs into the Gondola platform.
Meetings page
Process Health details with upcoming and past meetings for the account
States variations depending on whether integration is complete or missing
After implementing new page, we received positive feedback, noticed an increase in CRM and calendar integrations, and observed a rise in Health Score engagement from the new Meeting page.
  • +35%
    New calendar integrations for existing accounts w/o integrations
  • +58%
    Engagement rate with Health Score from new Meetings page
The Reports feature naturally emerged as a result of the platform's progression. I initiated a brainstorming session with a small group of our power users to understand their primary needs. Later I led a prioritization session with the team to determine the order in which features would be delivered.
Design solution
10 more new features designed and delivered
During my time in Gondola I've conducted over 20 team workshops, 8 user interviews, 5 user testing sessions and countless internal design overviews. Quick overview of the outcome below.
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